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Increase Cash Collection

Managing your cash-flow is as vital as managing your water flow for sustainable operations.

Our unique and smart Pay-As-You-Consume solution (PAY-C) manages the entire process of cash collection / measurement / reading / invoicing. It also helps recover outstanding arrears in easy micropayments.
This guarantees that customers pay on time and eliminates customer debts for good.

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Easy top-ups

Customers top-up their accounts at any time, for any amount, from anywhere.

Our PAY-C platform is integrated with the most popular mobile money operators (Orange money, mPesa, Mobipay, etc.)


Water access control

Top-ups are remotely transmitted to the Smart-PAYC meter by radio signal. It is cheap, simple and fully automatic - no customer intervention, no 16-digits token, no Customer Interface Unit (CIU), no point of sales, and no RF-ID card.

A positive balance automatically opens water access.

A zero balance automatically shuts off water access.

Your authorized operators can even force the opening or closing of the water access remotely from the platform.

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Measurement & billing

The Smart-PAYC meter accurately measures the water consumption.

Customer accounts are debited in real-time on the basis of consumption data and in strict application of regulated tariffs:

- linear variable fee, step tariffs or block tariffs

- monthly fixed charges


Real-time monitoring

The Smart-PAYC meter regularly transmits the consumption data and any potential alerts by radio signal to the PAY-C platform.

Operators can monitor on a real-time dashboard the water consumption and cash situation for individual customers or globally.

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Inform your customers

Customers immediately receive SMS or WhatsApp notifications in case of low balance, leak detection, abnormal consumption, etc.

Optionally, they can visualize their water consumption and balance history on a Mobile application

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