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Case Studies

Each water utility is unique.
See how they benefited in unique ways by adopting CityTaps solutions.

Main projects


My advice to other water utilities: if they have high debt, if they have low revenue collection efficiency, this is the way to go.
Patrick Langat

Patrick Langat, Managing Director,

BOMWASCO, Bomet, Kenya

Alawi Ahmadi

Alawi Ahmadi, Customer Service Manager,
Tanga UWASA, Tanzania

The system supports the accurate measurement of water consumption and even helps us identify if they are leakage or unallowed water usage.
Now our meter readers have turned into problem solvers. The customer care have become data analysts and experts. The debt collectors are now focusing on repayment plans.

Kingston Mulewa, Audit Manager and PAY-C project manager, MAWASCO, Malindi, Kenya

Pic impact report Malindi.JPG

Mounkaïla Dandakoye, Commercial Director,
SEEN, Niamey, Niger

CityTaps is for us an innovative solution provider. With the prepaid water meters, SEEN collects cash even before the customer consumes water.
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