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We share your passion to bring running water in every home. To do this, we provide you with innovative technological and financial solutions to improve your water distribution operations and serve everyone 100% of the time.

How can we help you?

Reduce your Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

Our step-by-step approach helps you choose and deploy the most appropriate actions to increase your revenue and reduce costs.

We offer a modular software platform with a selection of hardware and services to detect invisible losses, enhance active leak management, improve meter accuracy, monitor DMAs, calculate NRW indicators, etc.

Increase your Cash Collection

We offer a unique smart and Pay-as-you-Consume (PAY-C) solution:

  • PAY-C to avoid customer debts and eliminate accounts receivable.

  • SMART metering to automatize metering / billing / collection operations and detect abnormal behaviors (e.g. water thefts, leaks) 

A team, based in France, Kenya and Mexico, that combines strong experience in the water sector and in-depth expertise of the most innovative technologies.

Whether you need to define the best suited technologies, find funding for your projects, develop custom features, deploy technologies in the field, or train your staff, we will help you achieve your goals from today and over the long term.

Meet our clients

Have a project in mind?

Contact our representatives to get a presentation of our solutions, a concept note with a personalized offer, and even a funding proposal.

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