• Running Water in Every Home

    CityTaps’ vision is to help bring running water to every urban home, to boost the health, dignity and productivity of the urban poor in developing countries.


  • 1 Billion

    The estimated number of urban people in developing

    countries without running water at home

    In much of the developing world, the urban poor face the daily challenge of procuring water. Many cannot pay monthly bills and high upfront connection costs due to their irregular incomes.


    Substitutes such as public water points, delivery services and chlorine pills, can be up to 15 times more expensive than utility piped water, and are often of low quality and unreliable. Women and girls are most affected, spending over 200 million hours fetching water every day, and 443 million school days are lost due to illness.


    Global urbanisation trends exacerbate the strain on water utility infrastructure, with African cities alone growing by 5% every year. Water utilities cannot serve everyone for lack of money to invest in infrastructure to reach the urban poor.


    To date, there has been no effective solution to provide safe, convenient, reliable and affordable water access to low-income homes.



    The CityTaps Solution

    CityTaps has developed a solution that bridges the gap between water utilities and the urban poor: a prepayment service that comprises a smart, prepaid water meter and a billing software.


    Our system helps utilities become financially independent and able to invest in infrastructure for at-home water service to even the poorest residents. Beneficiaries use mobile money to prepay for running water with any mobile phone, at any time, for any amount, and improve their household budget. Running water in the home is substantially cheaper, more convenient, and healthier than any alternative.


    Our innovative solution has the potential to dramatically and quantifiably improve the lives and well-being of a billion people who do not have access to water in the home. It is our goal to work together to make access to running water in every urban home a reality.



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