• CTSuite: Smart Water Prepayment

    We partner with water utilities to help them improve their cash flows and balance sheets.

    With CityTaps, utilities can serve all their customers more efficiently, expand coverage while reducing Non Revenue Water, and access new sources of financing for their capital projects. Customers can pay for water service with any phone, at any time, for any amount, or through over-the-counter transactions.

  • CTSuite: Smart Water Prepayment

    CityTaps offers a smart prepayment solution, CTSuite. This meter-as-a-service comprises a connected water meter, CTMeter, and a billing software, CTCloud.

    Mobile Payments

    Utility customers load money on their water account using Mobile Money, with any phone, at any time, and for any amount.


    CTMeter, our Smart Prepaid Water Meter, measures and sends water usage data in near real-time to our CTCloud software. CTMeter automatically closes the water access when the customer has no more credit.

    CTCloud Software

    Our CTCloud software collects payments, data from CTMeter, and controls water access. CTCloud provides you with live key hydraulic and commercial indicators and identifies thefts, and leaks to reduce Non Revenue Water.

  • CTSuite Helps Utilities Achieve Their Goals

    Improve Working Capital

    With prepayment, you collect payments before delivering water. Prepayment means cash flow optimization.

    Reduce Account Receivables

    Your customers pay for water before consuming it. CTSuite notifies your customers when their credit is running low and closes the access automatically when credit is spent. No more unpaid bills! And customers come back online quickly.

    ​Improve OPEX Savings

    CTSuite fully automates the metering and payment processes. There is no more bill distribution and recovery. We calculated with our partners that the savings generated are between 10 and 20% of OPEX.

    Improve Collection Ratios

    With prepayment, collection ratios are 100%, and the age of debt is negative.

    Simplify Purchasing

    CityTaps earns a share of the utility’s tariff: No increased cost to customers; reduced upfront costs for utilities; and simplified purchasing from OPEX budgets instead of CAPEX budgets.

    Reduce Non Revenue Water

    CTSuite collects precise, high frequency data on customers’ consumption and behaviour. CTCloud displays data analytics that let you track key hydraulic and commercial indicators. The CTCloud can help you identify leaks, measure night flows, meter tampering, theft, etc.

  • CTSuite Guarantees Satisfied Customers


    More than a year after deploying a phase 1 project with SEEN (an affiliate of Veolia) in Niger, customers are 100% satisfied with CTSuite service for prepayment and the project is expanding to 1,325 CTSuites.

    Testimonials from the Clients


    "I prefer prepaying for water because there is no risk I will consume more than I can pay." Ousseini


    "I don’t need to wait in line for hours to pay at the branch." Ayouba


    "I can do what I want with my money, because I don’t need to wait until the end of the month to know how much I need to pay for water." Fatimata


    "This system is a thousand times better than the old one; I find it totally transparent. Overall, I think this is really good." Nassirou


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