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We are recruiting a Hardware and Embedded Systems Intern

CityTaps' vision is to bring running water to every urban home in the developing world. We are a social high-tech business based in Paris, with operations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are building an Internet-connected, prepaid water meter solution that uses mobile money for payments. This connected meter helps poor families access running water in their homes, saving them time and money, and improving their health.

Our technology includes both hardware and software components that need to seamlessly integrate together.

English is our working language (most of the time). We value diversity and encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

We have a prototype deployed in Niger and need your help to turn it into an industrial product.

Your role

• You will be part of a very international startup team that speaks English and sometimes French.

• You will iterate on our current design, help redesign some parts from scratch, and assist in picking technologies with mass production and deployment in mind.

• You will work on wireless systems, power optimization, embedded software and cost optimization of our devices.

Your (ideal) profile 

• You have strong experience in the hardware development of battery-powered devices. You’ve already designed a PCB using Eagle or Altium.

• You have a good understanding of radio transmission technologies and protocols, in particular LPWAN and/or mobile networks (GSM, 3G, LTE). The workings of antennas are not black magic to you.

• You have low-level embedded coding skills (C/C++/ASM).

• You understand the importance of high-quality documentation.

• You like DIY to build mockups and prototypes. We encourage you to send us pictures of any personal project you are working on!

• You think traveling to Niger sounds like a cool adventure.

About us

The job is based in Paris and can include travel for short periods of time to Sub-Saharan Africa.


To apply, please send your CV to and explain why you want to work with us.

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