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One year ago, Emma Watson was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She delivered a moving speech at the UN for HeForShe.  

Emma Watson called on men to take an active role in improving the rights and conditions for women. I could not agree more with her points regarding the shared benefits of improved equality, for both women and men.

Water availability is an issue that disproportionately affects women and girls. They are the ones who most often will stand in line to fill jerrycans that they will carry home to meet their families’ basic needs. This is time that could be spent otherwise: at play, at work, at school, or just visiting with friends.

At CityTaps, this realization is one of the key drivers and motivators underlying our vision to bring running water to every urban home. We want to give women and girls their time back.

I am surrounded by remarkable humans who happen to be women. One of CityTaps’ co-founders is a woman, my wife is a successful freelancer, my mother an entrepreneur and my sister a human-rights lawyer, yet I perceive very clearly that the playing field is not level.

I used to ask myself what I could do to help foster equality between men and women, beyond the way I interact with those in my immediate circle. Today, in building CityTaps with my two partners, we have found a way to participate in this noble cause.

At CityTaps, we dream of a world in which no woman or girl will ever have to choose between getting water for her family or going to work, to school, or choosing how to use her time.

We believe this is a basic element of gender equality, and we are proud to be participating, in our own very small way, to the greater ideals of the HeForShe campaign.

Thank you to Dominique Druon for sharing this speech with me.
Grégoire has 17 years of international experience with strategic and operational consulting to water utilities in the developing world. He started his career in software in San Francisco and ran two software startups in Uganda.
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