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News From HQ - June '15

It's been an exciting series of events for CityTaps since our last update!  We have been in Paris, Angers, NYC, and now Boston; working, collaborating, and learning from our community of friends and supporters. 
We have a new website!  
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Connected Object City
We were an award recipient at Cité de l'Objet Connecté (Connected Object City) in Angers, and met with the president of France!
MassChallenge - Boston
The CityTaps team is currently in Boston for the 2015 MassChallenge startup accelerator! We are honored to have been chosen as finalists and are loving the nonstop action @MassChallenge.
Microsoft Scholarship
We won the 2015 Microsoft Scholarship for Civic Innovation. It's a great opportunity for us to continue our partnership with Microsoft and we appreciate their support of our social mission.
We had a wonderful experience at NUMA Paris! Unfortunately, we had to withdraw due to our upcoming pilot (see below). Our deepest gratitude to the team @NUMA.
Thank You
We want to thank our new team members! Katherine, a Princeton engineering student, has come to Paris to help develop our meters as an intern. Christopher, who has worked with environmental and social NGOs, is volunteering this summer in Paris and Boston to help build our marketing materials. Special thanks to Marilia, Lisa, Kabirou, Estelle, Paola, mentors, friends, and family members for their support!
This month, we will begin our first pilot in Africa. We appreciate all of your support helping our team get into the field- our biggest step to date!
Stay tuned for our pilot announcement and join us on our journey at
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