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Lead embedded system engineer

FT position

Lead embedded system engineer

FT position

The job:

CTSuite is an innovative solution that integrates a prepaid smart water meter, a low powered radio communication architecture using LoRa, a cloud backend software and integration with payment and third-party systems.

CityTaps is now looking for a embedded systems engineer to complete the technical team.

You will report to the CTO and be responsible of the development, production and operation of our devices, starting with our first product, the CTMeter.

Your areas of operation will include: device specifications, electronic design, mechanical design, device certification, firmware development, manufacturing setup, supplier relationship management

Design of our devices raises several challenges including : water, efficiency, radio communication, energy autonomy, robustness (devices will run for 15 years in open air in Africa) and cost.

You will be part of a international team that speaks English and French. Any new language is more than welcome.

The position is based in Paris and might require trips abroad to meet suppliers and in the field, starting with African countries.

Your background:

  • You are interested in solving a major and global social crisis and want to use tech for good

  • You understand user centered design and that technology is a tool, not a purpose
    You are an electronics or embedded systems engineer, with knowledge of telecommunication protocols, hardware design

  • You have experience with developing and mass producing embedded systems, going from a prototype to a commercial product (1 to 10,000)

  • You have experience managing engineers and interns

  • You managed industrial projects: specifications, design, development, test, support to operation

  • You like new technical challenges, you are creative, pro-active and eager to share your knowledge and move the company forward

  • You can work in multicultural environment and start a sentence in French and finish it in English

CityTaps values diversity and is open to any gender, mother tongue, nationality.

To apply, please send an email to explaining how our project inspires you and why you'd be a great addition to our team.

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