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Data Analyst - Intern Position


CityTaps is a social start-up whose vision is to bring running water in every urban home, to boost the health, dignity and productivity of the urban poor in developing countries.

CityTaps has developed a solution that bridges the gap between water utilities and the urban poor: a prepayment service that comprises the world's only smart and prepaid water meter, and a billing software.

Our system helps utilities become financially independent and able to invest in infrastructure for at-home water service to even the poorest residents. Beneficiaries use mobile money to prepay for running water with any mobile phone, at any time, for any amount, and improve their household budget. Running water in the home is substantially cheaper, more convenient, and healthier than any alternative.

Our innovative solution has the potential to dramatically and quantifiably improve the lives and well-being of a billion people who do not have access to water in the home. It is our goal to work together to make access to running water in every urban home a reality.

Our service is based on several technical innovations, including a prepaid smart meter, a LoRa communication architecture, a cloud software and integration with mobile payment systems. It is developed and supported by a small, international team, based in Paris.


Our service has been live for more than a year and collects data on the following: water consumption, weather, billing, quality of radio signal, etc.

So far, we have only used what was needed to operate the service. We would like to learn from these data to improve our service, understand patterns, improve user experience, optimize maintenance and anticipate technical issues, and quantify our social impact. Your goal will be to dive into these data and look for these insights.

You will also work with the team on the data collection and storage mechanism, and recommend what missing data should be collected. The data analyst will be part of the tech team that build devices, writes embedded and cloud software, and manages communication over a low power radio network deployed in Africa. More specifically, you will work closely with the backend developers who take care of collecting and saving our data.

Our team is international and we work in English and French primarily, along with Spanish. Any new language is more than welcome.


- You are studying data analysis or data science
- You want to make an impact and use your skills to help developing countries
- You have coding skills and know how to access relational data (MySQL)
- You can work in a multicultural environment and start a sentence in French and finish it in English
- You are a dynamic and pro-active and will bring your ideas to improve all aspects of our service.

To apply, write to us at with your CV and a few words on the following:

  1. What makes you exceptional?
  2. What makes CityTaps interesting to you?
  3. How will you and CityTaps change the world?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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